Currenty Community Locations - FAQs

Q:  How long does it take to build my home?

A:  Typically, from the day you choose your home's options to the day you take the keys is about 120 days.  Some homes will take a little longer to complete, some a little shorter.


Q:  How much choice do I have when selecting appliances?

A:  Centennial Hills Village uses high-quality GE appliances, an industry leading brand.  If you'd like to upgrade, we've partnered with Cost Plus to provide you with a wide selection of gorgeous appliances, including top-of-the-line LG, so there's sure to be something to fit your tastes.


Q:  When it comes to options and amenities, how easy is it to make changes?

A:  Many changes can be made to your options and amenities throughout the construction of your new home.  Please contact us to learn specific timelines.


Q:  How much choice do I have when selecting cabinetry?

A:  The cabinets at Centennial Hills Village are built by Merillat, a leader in custom home cabinetry since 1946.  With styles ranging from contemporary to country traditional,  formal traditional to eclectic, you'll be sure to find cabinets you love and that fit your personal style.


Q:  I have questions about Casper.  How do I find out more information?

A:  Casper is just like any other community, there are schools, markets, cafes, restaurants, and shops for most everything you need.  There are lots of great informational sites on teh Internet that can help.


Q:  How much are HOA fees?

A:  Homeowner's Association fees are expected to be reasonable and comparable to what you'd find in most newer communities.


Q:  May I use my own vendors for appliances, cabinetry, flooring, painting, etc.?

A:  No.  We have our own contract with companies to provide you with the best service and prices available.


Q:  I already have high-quality appliances in my current home.  May I use my own appliances?

A:  You may bring your own washer and dryer, but all other appliances must be purchased through Centennial Hills Village.


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